Krishna & Carlos | Lanikai, Oahu | Sunrise Elopement

This morning was simply amazing as the sun rose behind Mokoliʻi (Chinaman’s Hat)! For the first time, I shot a wedding from the water with the help of another canoe. Later we had a blast in the water to celebrate this Lanikai Wedding on Oahu.

lanikai-oahu-sunrise-wedding-1 lanikai-oahu-sunrise-wedding-2 lanikai-oahu-sunrise-wedding-3 lanikai-oahu-sunrise-wedding-4 lanikai-oahu-sunrise-wedding-5 lanikai-oahu-sunrise-wedding-6 lanikai-oahu-sunrise-wedding-7 lanikai-oahu-sunrise-wedding-8 lanikai-oahu-sunrise-wedding-9lanikai-oahu-sunrise-wedding-10 lanikai-oahu-sunrise-wedding-11 lanikai-oahu-sunrise-wedding-12 lanikai-oahu-sunrise-wedding-13 lanikai-oahu-sunrise-wedding-14 lanikai-oahu-sunrise-wedding-15 lanikai-oahu-sunrise-wedding-16

I would love to be there for your Oahu wedding or elopement!