We are James + Bev, a husband and wife team based on the Big Island and Oahu.

We started shooting together full-time in 2009.
Since then, we’ve been blessed with the most amazing clients
and a growing family of three girls.

Now, Bev still occasionally shoots with James,
but spends most of her time with our family and
helps with client communications.

James Rubio

I’m blessed to be born and raised in Hawaii with my beautiful wife and our three little girls. In my free time, I love exploring the raw expansive beauty of the Big Island on my motorcycle. I love challenges. Creating things from scratch. I love all things original and analog. I still prefer shooting film for my personal work and the raw sound of vinyl. I’m an avid sourdough bread baker and cook. I love funky music and produce jazzy house music. Tequila and coffee are two of the best liquid things ever.

I’ve always been naturally drawn to art and music. Photography was something that came naturally to me. It gave me a way to express my feelings in ways words failed. It let me tell a story in more detail than I could ever write. The amount of depth held in a simple smile, or in the way one embraces would require too many words. I would love to express your feelings, your love, your beauty… without words.

Beverly Rubio

Born and raised in Hawaii on the island of Oahu, Bev moved to the Big Island in 2006 where she now resides with James and their three beautiful little daughters. After living on Oahu for most of her life, she was drawn to the lush greenery and expansive land of the Big Island and slower pace of life. She loves to photograph babies and kids, and anything cute!

Her time is spent taking care of their kids, and managing parts of the business such as emails, print orders, and other office duties. She loves to sew and is a classically trained pianist but really loves to listen to jazz piano, especially the great jazz pianists from the early jazz era. 


a few photos of us