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  • Ashley Goodwin Woods

    on August 19, 2015  1:23 am

    I saw that feature it was gorgeous!!!! Insane venue and beautiful perspective of if, too!

  • Melanie Weaver

    on August 19, 2015  1:57 am

    Can't wait for you to photograph my wedding !!! Congrats!

  • Chári Carter Herndon

    on August 19, 2015  4:41 am

    Yay James so excited to see it again and again! Just in time for our 1yr anniversary on Sunday. I cannot believe it's already been a year since this special feature. I can't thank you enough for this once in a lifetime experience and capturing our wedding, beautifully! I'm honored to be your first national feature and I know this was just the beginning for you. So many more to come, I'm sure of that!!!

  • Arnette Arn

    on August 19, 2015  5:03 am

    It's been nice watching you from the beginning and see how far you've come. Congrats!!!

  • Ehukai Sako

    on August 19, 2015  5:39 pm

    Wow James Rubio...nice....what issue was it?

    • James Rubio

      on August 19, 2015  6:37 pm

      This summer! It should be still on shelves. A bunch of the photos are actually Leiko's too!

    • Ehukai Sako

      on August 19, 2015  6:51 pm

      Awww....that is so nice of you to credit her..I'm going to look for it or order it on line

    • James Rubio

      on August 19, 2015  6:53 pm

      Try longs drugs. They might have

    • Ehukai Sako

      on August 19, 2015  6:54 pm

      I'll look in my nearby CVS...lol