Lei & Quartz | Day-after sunrise session | Hilo, Hawaii

hilo-sunrise-day-after-1 hilo-sunrise-day-after-2 hilo-sunrise-day-after-3 hilo-sunrise-day-after-4 hilo-sunrise-day-after-5 hilo-sunrise-day-after-6 hilo-sunrise-day-after-7 hilo-sunrise-day-after-8 hilo-sunrise-day-after-9 hilo-sunrise-day-after-10 hilo-sunrise-day-after-11 hilo-sunrise-day-after-12 hilo-sunrise-day-after-13The morning started of raining, as is normal for my rainy hometown of Hilo. It’s risky shooting in Hilo. You never know what kind of weather you will have. But we got lucky this day with a gorgeous sunrise and rainbows.

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  • Sarah Taylor

    on February 26, 2015  9:45 pm

    absolutely stunning...
    i wish to have a shoot similiar to this..... kings' landing

  • Chári Carter Herndon

    on February 26, 2015  10:41 pm

    James such a neat idea, day-after sessions. I wish Niager and I had done this!