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  • Marina

    on April 14, 2010  8:48 pm

    LOE LOVE LOVE. that little chapel is so pretty. What a stunning couple!!!!!!

  • Kricia Morris

    on April 14, 2010  8:53 pm

    Absolutely stunning...that wedding is just the epitome of golden yumminess! What gorg light!!

  • Dennis Pike

    on April 15, 2010  1:35 am

    HOLY CRAP. jaw... on the ground

  • Candice Dunn

    on April 18, 2010  12:43 pm

    Thank you James & Bev! The shots are amazing. We were so excited to see them. Just beautiful!

  • Prashant

    on April 24, 2010  5:16 am

    This album is simply amazing.... great work man.

  • Tiffany Burke

    on April 28, 2010  4:55 am

    Seriously does it get any better than you? you are my favorite photographer by far. I would love to learn from you. Just amazing!

  • Pinky

    on May 14, 2010  4:26 pm

    woah! that first shot is awesome! your shots are amazing!

  • Ethan Tweedie

    on May 17, 2010  3:10 am

    James and Bev,

    Your work is simply amazing, like a dream, so inspiring. You have set the standard for wedding photography.

    My hat off to you.

    Much Aloha,


  • Kaye Le Fleur

    on July 22, 2010  3:22 pm

    I love these shots, there is no mistaking that intrinsic island light and feel. You captured it. Thanks Kaye Le Fleur Wedding Photographer Christchurch New Zealand. The Land of The Rings